Exploring personal finance tools

My wife’s debit card got hacked; just noticed it last night. Friendly reminder: routinely check your bank statement. You usually only have 60 days to report a fraudulent charge, but it’s easier to deal with the sooner you recognize it. This sent me down a multi-hour exploration of personal finance

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Oh Mac Mail, why are you so full of disappoint

I used to love Mac Mail. It was simple and relatively fast. And when I started working at an office where everything was on Exchange server, it was a nice alternative to Outlook. But Mountain Lion (10.8) ruined everything. I don’t know what they did to Mac Mail but its

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The future is cybernetic modification, not wearables

That was my first thought after seeing this picture of William Gibson trying on Google Glass: TechCrunch contributor Mike Butcher has a good writeup on what’s wrong with this kind of wearable: here. For information to seamlessly integrate with your experience it needs to be presentable anywhere you are looking.

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Space Economy Game

I was browsing through my hard drive on an old computer this evening and came across a player narrative I wrote in 2007 for a game concept I called the “Space Economy Game.”  The main idea with this game was to create a game around two core mechanics: M.U.L.E. style

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Songs that have their own dance

When I woke up this morning I was humming the “Cupid Shuffle.” Actually I didn’t know that was the song’s name, and I didn’t know any of the lyrics, but the bassline and that keyboard hit were going through my head. As the day progressed I realized I was humming

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Microsoft Surface RT Review

Summary: Stay away. Major frustrations: The email client doesn’t support my corporate Exchange server’s configuration.  Once you get past the certificate issue you’re presented with a terse error message about the Surface RT not being good enough for my Exchange server’s security policy.  iPhone works fine. Android devices work fine.

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