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LCD update: This Sony LCD is amazing. I can't believe it.. this is the best LCD I've ever used. It's crystal clear, has very even black-level, and the response time is very, very good--ghosting is not an issue.

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A prayer for Google, by Robert Rose (Based on the Serenity Prayer):

Google grant me the search results
to seek the things I wish to know;
to exclude that which is unrelated;
and the wisdom to think of better search terms.

Exploring one result at a time;
Enjoying one website at a time;
Accepting bad searches as the pathway to knowledge;
Taking, as you do, this enormous web
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that you will make things right
if I surrender to your greatness;
That I may be reasonably happy with what I've found
and supremely happy with you
Forever till my next search.



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