Enabling CTRL-ALT-DEL in Windows 7 over Synergy

I have a Linux machine running as my Synergy server and a Windows 7 machine as a client.  With the default Windows settings you can not enter a CTRL-ALT-DEL SAS (Secure Attention Sequence) over Synergy on the Windows lock screen. This can be frustrating if you lock your computer frequently or login remotely.

You can allow this behavior by allowing “services” to issue the SAS in the Windows Logon Options.  These are found in the Local Group Policy Editor.

  1. Go to the Local Group Policy Editor (Type “gpedit.msc” in the run menu)
  2. Dig down to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Logon Options
  3. Open up the “Disable or enable software Secure Attention Sequence” option
  4. Set it to “Enabled” and then select “Services and Ease of Access applications” below, click OK

You should now be able to issue a CTRL-ALT-DEL to Windows 7 over Synergy while on the lock screen. Note: Sometimes the CTRL and ALT keys stick, just press them each once to un-stick them.

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