The Case for a Creator

I stumbled across the video “The Case for a Creator”, which claims to be a scientific explanation of why “science” proves the existence of God and creationism. I found it very entertaining on a number of levels.

The video presents science from microbiology to astrobiology. At every step of the way, the science that is presented is used to dispute Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. It’s comical, laugh-out-loud funny; the leaps in logic are pretty astounding.

But something occurred to me while watching it that I hadn’t known how to articulate before: why can’t evolution and intelligent design be compatible? If you accept, as the video supposes, that an intelligent designer constructed bacteria that later (“suddenly”) turned into complex multi-celled organisms, presumably at the hands of this intelligent designer, why can’t you accept the intelligent designer designed evolution?

Simple rules, when combined and run over time with the right initial conditions, create complex and unexpected behaviors. Chaos Theory and Intelligent Design design combine to make Evolution? Any takers?

Just teach your kids God guided evolution and then we can all get along.

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  1. Nobody said they are not compatible; it's when we talk about testing the theories that we get into trouble.

    The discussion has been ongoing in the philosophy community since ancient Greece; just look at the literature on proving-the-existence-of-God subfield. (My favorite is St. Anselm's; it's cute how thick he has to lay on the praise to avoid getting in trouble with the fundies). (They all failed).

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