PSP Go hands-on

I got to play with the new PSP Go today at E3, here’s my thoughts.

It’s small, and it’s thin. Like, cramp your hands thin. It’s obviously designed with little kids in mind. I think the space between the face and the back is less than a half inch. On top of that, all of the face buttons are drawn in closer to each other.. I only got to play it for about 10 minutes but the whole time I had ergonomic concerns.. I don’t think I would last more than 30-45 minutes on it tops.

The screen is smaller. The large screen I thought was the original PSP’s best feature. It was comfortable to play games and watch video on the PSP. Why change that?

It looks great and has a solid feel to it. Sony build quality you would expect. Well, not entirely. The face buttons feel a bit more fragile, but I thought the original PSP’s buttons felt fragile until I got used to them.

But $249? For reals? The device is cheaper to manufacture than the old PSP (I assume, since it lacks a UMD drive and has a smaller screen), and you’re charging more for it? In this economy? With very little new content coming on PSP in 2009? OK.. whatever.. I’m just asking.

And yes, still no second-analog stick. Why? I have no idea. But seriously. Why? There’s room for it on the front panel. Gamers want the second-analog. Developers want the second-analog. Everyone wants the second analog. Give the people what they want.

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