Anytime Golf: Magic Touch nearing completion

My game Anytime Golf: Magic Touch (to be released under the label Bork3d Games) is almost ready for the App Store. I’ve been working on this project for quite a while with a very talented games-industry friend, Jake Helms. When we started we set out to create the best looking, most intuitive and most fun golf title for iPhone, and I think we hit those marks. We’ve spent a lot of time squeezing framerate out of the device and pushing polys to their limits (in some scenes we’re well into the thousands). Our touch-based swing mechanic has gone through numerous iterations in an effort to create something with depth and sophistication but that you can still pick up in 2 seconds.

And we think it’s pretty damn fun. It has that “barely out of reach” quality we were looking for, where, like bowling and other (real life) sports games, just when you think you’ve mastered it you slip a tad and mis-execute. I find when I play it I start to become over-confident after a while and the game bitch-slaps me back in place. The moment I knew we found “it” was when I was on the 9th hole, one under par, and my finger was trembling because I was so nervous about screwing up the final putt.

Working on the game has been fun too in it’s own way. Every experiment we’ve ran or tweak to a mechanic has uncovered more and more ideas to try. But sadly there comes a time when you just have to call it “done”. There’s a lot more we could do on this game (we have a huge list we’ve been tracking) but we’re saving it for version 2. There’s only so much two guys can do. 🙂

iPhone Games Network has posted a video on their website of the first hole. Look for the final game soon on the App Store!

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