How to get an online merchant’s attention when they just screwed you on your order

I got screwed out of a name brand card when I ordered an mp3 player from “”. Like most small online shops, they have very poor customer service and are extremely slow to respond to email, especially complaints. I ordered a NEX IA mp3 player along with a 512mb CF card. The card pictured was a Lexar 12x card, which is very highly rated, so that was the card I expected to receive, and I expected to receive a new one. What they sent me was an off-brand card. So far I’ve had about 5-6 email exchanges with them over the last month asking them to refund my money (they said they would replace the off-brand card with a refurb Lexar, but not a new one). They still won’t accept a refund. Here’s the last coorespondence I sent, which I thought was blog-worthy.. 🙂

Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 10:30:41 -0500

From: Service

To: Robert Rose

Subject: Re: Order Update

We are sorry that you feel that way. We were in the process of changing over

cards and by the time we got to your order, we’d run out of the 12x cards.

So we didn’t think you’d mind getting a 16x Dane-elec card with a lifetime

warranty as opposed to the 12x Lexar card with a 90 day warranty. You

actually got a faster card with a longer warranty, so I really don’t

understand what the problem is. If you really want a 12x Lexar card with a

90 day warranty, just send back the 16x Dane-Elec card with a lifetime

warranty back to us and we’ll try to see if lexar can get us a 12x card in

the meantime. It’s really unfortunate that you had to go to such lengths to

hurt our company, when you actually got an upgraded order from what you had

originally ordered. We’ll try to work with you on this, I just hope you

understand what you have and maybe will consider retracting your letter from

the Better Business Bureau. Thank you and we’ll be looking to hear from you

on what you’d like us to do. Thank you.


Zack Gehan

—– Original Message —–

From: “Robert Rose”

To: “Service”

Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 7:22 PM

Subject: Re: Order Update


> I’m sorry it took you so long to respond, I just sent a letter of

> complaint to the Better Business Bureau.


> -robert

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