I just became aware of a cool blog that tracks “stupid linking polices” imposed across the ‘net. Telling someone they can’t link to your webpage is like saying they can’t use the ISBN number on your book, reference a specific paragraph in an article you wrote, or something else equally idiotic. The American Cancer Society even says that you can’t link to their page. I can see a middle school student having problems with this:

Student: In 1997, xx million people died of cancer worldwide.

Teacher: Excuse me, but where did you get this fact?

Student: I’m sorry, I can’t tell you, I would be violating their terms and conditions set forth on their website.

Teacher: Ever heard of “plagarism” young man?!? You get an F.

I’m linking to the headlines page just to spite their Terms and Conditions. Ooops! Did I just link again? Sue me. 🙂

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