Beastie Boys speak out against the war

Way to go B-Boys!

Unfortunately The Slate had a much less positive reaction, calling it a “meek protest song.” The Slate and MSNBC has been really pro-war lately (actually that goes for basically all American news sources), I despised their comments they made about the Pope earlier this week, I thought it was totally innappropriate. I’m not surprised they took this opportunity to take a small stab at the Beastie Boys.

It made me happy to hear their song. Their last two tracks they’ve published (“Alive”, and now this song), both have mellow super-positive lyrics. I’ve always been a B-Boys fan, so I can appreciate their progression to where they’re at now, musically speaking. Dip dip dive; so socialize; open up your ears and clean out your eyes; if you learn to love you’re in for a surprise; it can be nice to be alive.

Peephole viewing a PDA screen

This is the same thing that X11 can do: You set the screen resolution to particular size, say 640×480, but then your desktop larger, say 1024×768, and then use the mouse to move around the display, giving you a “peephole” view of your desktop. This article proposes a technique for implementing this on a PDA, except without the mouse…. 🙂