Turkish Coffee

For a single serving you will need:

2oz water
1 scoop coffee grounds
1/2 tsp sugar (optional)

Place in pot and gradually bring to 200F. Gently stir as it passes through 150F, but stop stirring after 150F or else the grounds won’t settle and you won’t capture the foam. When it reaches temp take it off the heat and let is rest for a minute, then slowly pour into 1oz cup, leaving most of the grinds in the pot. If you did it right you should have a small layer of foam on the top of each cup.

If you’re doing several cups at once, pour a little into each in a round robin fashion so the grinds that escape are evenly distributed.

Coffee: It needs to be pre-ground finer than an espresso grind. Your home grinder probably cant do it. I found a Lebanese brand at a local international market that’s excellent.. $3 for 7oz, and I store it in an air right container in the fridge; keeps fresh for about 2 weeks.

Thanks baltan for the advice! 😉

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