Apple product lock-in: cry me a river

Man! So many people are complaining about how the iPhone is locked to AT&T, and how Apple won’t let third-parties develop software for iPods, and wah-wah-wah… I’m tired of hearing about it.

If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

I love my iPod. It’s a great music player. I bought it for the purpose of listening to music. I didn’t buy it to run 3rd-party applications or write software for it. I would love to write software for the iPod, but Apple won’t let me. That’s fine. Again, I bought it for the purpose of listening to music on it!

The iPhone is a closed system (unless you mod it of course). If you don’t like that no one is twisting your arm forcing you to buy one. And if you bought one and then decided you didn’t like the closed system then that’s your fault for not doing the research up front. What does the iPhone do that no other smartphone doesn’t do? Nothing. It just looks freakin’ sweet, that’s it. If you want an open system go pick up a Symbian UIQ/S60 or Windows Mobile phone.

Better yet: Buy an iPhone, hack it, download the community SDK and stop your whining.

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