Beastie Boys Movie

What do you get when you give 50 fans video cameras at a Beastie Boys concert? 1.5 hours of shakey, nauseating video. Or, you may prefer to call it the Beastie Boys movie.

I went to go see it last night. I’m a big Beastie Boys fan so it was a fun experience, but 80% of the movie was cut together from material shot by fans–completely handheld. It’s hard to watch handheld video on a theatre screen.

When I was walking out of the theatre I found I had a renewed appreciation for the Steadicam. I was also wondering why the cameras they gave out didn’t have better digital stabilization systems. Or, why couldn’t they have done some post-processing stabilization? A lot of the shots they used were zoomed-in, they could have easily run the video through some post-processing software.

I’ll definitely look it up when it comes out on DVD. This is a video you’ll want to watch on your 13″ TV, sitting at least 10 feet away. 🙂

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