Going HD

Thanks Steve for responding to my No more NTSC broadcasts in 2009 post from July. I’ve been on the mission for an ATSC tuner for some time.

Yeah every couple of weeks I scout froogle and ebay for cheap ATSC tuners. I haven’t given up on this! 🙂 It looks like now you can get the original first-generation tuners new for about $180-200, used for $110-130 if you work for it on ebay. There’s also ebay deals for ATSC PCI capture cards from $80-100, but then you have to dedicate a fairly high-end PC to recording the broadcasts.

I’ve been looking at TVs every now and then, and I think what I want is one of these new LCD systems. Have you seen the 34″ Bravia? OMG that thing looks amazing. But those are triple what my current tube cost me.. It’s hard to justify.

I think you’re right.. I think the thing to do at the moment is to wait for HDTV prices to drop, and get an ATSC tuner if I’m desperate.

But… I’m stickin to what I wrote back in July: $50 is my price point for an ATSC tuner. When the tuners get down to $50 I’ll buy one.

Every couple of weeks I come to the same conclusion.. it’s just not worth going HD right now.

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