Ported Nogredex to Ogre 1.0.1

I just completed a port of the Nogredex demo to Ogre 1.0.1. Nogredex is a framework for combining the Ogre 3D graphics engine with Novodex, a killer physical simulation library. Novodex + Ogre = nOGREdex. Har har. (I pronounce it NO-gerr-dex).

Nogredex is great because it completely abstracts away the complexity of routinely inspecting the state of your physics state during your draw loop. You just do a Nogredex->addObject() and it does the rest, you never have to deal with the object again (unless you want to, of course).

I’ve been using Nogredex extensively in my research. I’ve actually been expanding it to add new object types, new object constructors, etc. Right now I’m working on adding mesh support.

I’d appreciate some peer review of my code, so if you’re interested in this sort of thing please check it out.

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