Safari, Apple’s new web browser

Apple this week released Safari (well, public beta), a new OS X web browser based on the KHTML layout engine. I’m a big fan of Chimera, but Chimera has bugs, so I was eager at first to try out the new browser. After spending 15 minutes with the Safari browser tho I have to admit I was a little under-impressed.

* For one, Safari doesn’t even really look like an OS X application. It uses the dreaded Quicktime brushed-steel appearance theme, so it looks dark and dreary, which is in pretty stark contrast with the rest of the OS.

* Second, I love tabbed browsing. I got really used to that in Chimera. In MacOS X, (well, the mac in general) window management is a nusaince. Tabbed browsing solved many of my browser window headaches. I don’t know if I’ll be able to live without it.

Time will tell if I’ll be able to make the jump over to Safari. In the meantime, it does appear to be slightly faster and it renders several pages correctly that weren’t rendering correctly in Chimera.

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