“When you buy drugs, you support terrorism…”

Seen the TV ads? They’ve been going strong since September 11th. I had a good laugh when I first saw them, I honestly thought it was a joke until I saw the “anti-drug” logo on the bottom on the screen. I thought: “How on Earth could drug money get into the hands people who blow up buildings? Do the militias (Montana Freemen, Arizona Vipers, etc.) run drug cartels or something? I thought Al Queda got their money from oil riches? This is the worst attempt at proganda I’ve ever witnessed!”

Well it all makes sense now. I just found an excerpt from the 2002 US Partiot Act that clears everything up:

    criminals and terrorists use the same criminal networks and organizations to “Market” illegal-drugs; both participate in and have an interest in world criminal activity.

It goes on to explain that anyone or any organization that acts like a terrorist or terrorist organization can be treated as one under the Act.

So by redifining what terrorism is, that is how they make the stretch that buying drugs supports terrorism. Ahh, this is truely finely crafted propoganda!!! 🙂

I liked the ads better when they were more truthful: “doing drugs fries your brain.” :-/

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