gfm's direct3d development zone

Welcome! This website will serve as a hub for housing Direct3D information of interest to graphics programmers. Soon a Direct3D "Quick Start" guide and a Frequently Asked Questions page will be available, along with a download page where you can download example programs and other tools related to Direct3D. If you have any comments, please feel free to email rose at cafwap dot net.

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Nov 19 02 - Been a long time! I've added a new object oriented Direct3D framework on the tutorial page. It's pretty slick, imho. It abstracts a layman from the complexities of creating a Direct3D device that's actually usable (resizable, minimizable, etc.), and provides a rudimentary texture management unit that stores textures in a hash_map. Enjoy!

Mar 29 02 - Yay! More fan mail: "Wow, that was pretty good. --L7L" Hehe.

Mar 20 02 - I just got back into D3D so I could work on my winamp vis some more, and I found a serious bug in my rendering library on the website! The version I uploaded didn't support zbuffering, so objects only got drawn in the order you drew them in! I'm surprised nobody caught me on this. :-) Oh well, it's fixed now...

Mar 4 01 - I finally got around to porting my winamp plugin over to direct3d, if you want to get tripped out by direct3d, click here!

Mar 1 01 - Hey I got some fan mail! :-) "Thought I'd drop you a note and tell you that you did a great job on the Direct3D tutorials. I've been coding all night because of them and they are the best I've found on the web. Thanks again for putting a page up. I look forward to any tutorials you create in the future. --Aaron" Yay! I feel so l33t

Nov 27 00 - Finishing touches have been put on the website. It's Miller time! :-)

Nov 22 00 - I've written RGL, Robert's Direct3D Framework, to serve as an example for how a Direct3D framework might work. It has some significant drawbacks (it circumvents DirectX's attempt to do hardware TnL), but it works, and is very easy to use. Go to the download page to get it.

Nov 15 00 - DirectX 8.0 was released officially today. Thank God. I'm dropping all my work on a Direct3D 7 tutorial and will go with 8.