CommandTab is the new innovative system tool for your Macintosh from Bloom Software, allowing you to quickly change between windows and applications without using your mouse.

Forget having to reach over to your mouse whenever you want to look at something different. Go back to the reason why you bought your computer in the first place: You have work to get done and you need it done fast.

Enter CommandTab.

When you want to switch windows, simply hold down the Command key and press Tab. You are presented with a list of windows to choose from. While still holding down Command, press the Tab key until you cycle to the window you want to view. When you let go of the Command key, the window you chose- no matter which Application it was in, will be brought to the front of your display.

CommandTab allows you to work quickly and efficiently. Isn't that why you are using your computer in the first place?

Click here to see CommandTab in action.

Programmers! CommandTab uses the Layer Manager. Click here for details.

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