Swine flu H1N1 numbers

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New data released last week from the CDC:

  • 22M infections in the US so far

  • 98,000 hospitalizations

  • 3900 deaths


  • 0.445% of the population who gets swine flu requires hospitalization, or about 1 in 220

  • 0.0177% of people who get swine flu die from it, or about 1 in 5600

Children only:

  • 8M infections

  • 36,000 hospitalizations

  • 540 deaths


  • 0.45% of children who get swine flu require hospitalization, or about 1 in 220

  • 0.00675% of children who get swine flu die from it, or about 1 in 15,000

I wonder how they come up the 22M and 8M. I was sick with something bad last week. I thought, "no way it's swine flu." But I looked up the symptoms for swine flu, and I actually met the symptoms. (Which are basically, "it's like the flu"). It wasn't until seeing these numbers I thought, "well maybe I did have swine flu". There are 304M people in the US, so 7% of the population has already gotten it.

If you go through the old CDC data it appears the flu typically peaks in February, so we might be a ways from hitting the peak of H1N1.

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