Dark Mirror end of year awards

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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is starting to bring in some serious awards!

Best PSP game of 2006 from IGN.com: "...it showed everyone what the PSP could really do. It set the bar when it shipped earlier in the year, and no game has breached it since." IGN also gave Dark Mirror runner-up for best graphics, and Sony Bend runner-up for best developer!

#3 game of the year on PSP from GameSpy.com: "Dark Mirror... absolutely floored us with what can be done on a PSP."

Best PSP action game and Best PSP multiplayer game from GameZone.com: "Not only are the missions awesome but the multiplayer mode will steal your soul."

Best game of the year and Best action/shooter game from eToychest.org: "It is, in a sense, the perfect game..."

#5 game of the year and action game of the year runner-up -- on all platforms -- from Game Revolution: "Here, finally, is a game that proves the PSP is a strong console in its own right—and for that, it is one of the best action games of the year."

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