Level 3 approached me yesterday...

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I find this hilarious. Level 3 Communications - a top-tier Internet Service Provider - approached me yesterday by phone and email to see if I was interested in buying bandwidth from them. Here's the email:

Good afternoon, my name is XXX XXXXXX and I am a sales representative with Level 3 Communications. We are global providers of bandwidth for content providers. We are interested in talking with you regarding your bandwidth requirements. Please check our our website below. Please call me if I can assist you in any manner with any data applications.

Account Representative
Level 3 Communications
One Technology Center TC8-Z
Tulsa, OK 74103

My message on the phone went something like: "We've recognized that your hosting facility uses a lot of bandwidth and we'd like to have a conversation with you about how you can save money by going with Level 3."

Hosting facility? A lot of bandwidth? Content provider?

I'm none of those! I hardly think my little linux machine I run off my DSL needs more bandwidth. It doesn't even have a 100mbit card in it.

Are they desperate or just misinformed? Or are they just scraping DNS records for leads? (Which is against the rules, supposedly)...

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