C++ inheritance ambiguity

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Here's something fun I discovered today:

class a {

class b {
virtual void dosomething() = 0;

class c : public a::b {

class b {
virtual void dosomethingelse() = 0;

void dosomething() {}

class d : public c::b {

void dosomethingelse() { printf ("do something else\n"); }
void dosomething() { printf ("do something\n"); }

void main()
d *foo = new d();
c::b *myfoo = reinterpret_cast(foo);

With Visual Studio .NET 2003 you'll see "do something" on the console. With GCC you'll see "do something else". In fact, with GCC you don't even need the reinterpret_cast.

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Hi Robert,

Funny story, we were searching for a solution to a problem (trying to implement an interface that was defined as virtual someobject* getSomething() const;) and google pulled up this post as one of the top 10 results. Sally clicked on it, not even knowing who you are. :)

Still helping HP even though you don't work here anymore.

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