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GameSpy collects sales numbers for PS2, GameCube and Xbox all in one place!

Estimated Current Installed Base (Various Sources):

Console North America Japan Europe and others Total
PlayStation 2 26,420,000 14,170,000 19,400,000 59,990,000
GBA 14,540,000 9,240,000 7,920,000 31,700,000
GBA-SP 830,000 820,000 460,000 2,110,000
GameCube 5,130,000 2,470,000 1,950,000 9,550,000
Xbox 6,200,000 1,000,000 2,200,000 9,400,000

Whoah! MS and Nintendo are getting their butts whooped. Too bad, competition is good... :-/

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