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Here's an idea: Osama bin Laden isn't real.

I thought I'd speculate for a moment. What if Osama bin Laden is not a real person, he's just a fabricated persona created by Al Queda or some other terrorist network? If Hollywood has taught us anything, this would be completely feasible: whenever they feel like making the latest "Osama" video tape, this guy dresses up in his old BDUs, puts on the fake beard, and make-up changes his facial structure slightly and they alter his voice after it's recorded. If this was true, it would explain the US never knowing his whereabouts and ease in finger-pointing all of the world's terrorism problems on him. The public likes to have a scapegoat, and what better one for a propoganda machine to have than one that never goes away and does all of the world's evil-doing. 1984 meets Wag the Dog. :-)

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