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Digital Choice and Freedom Act

Now here's a Congresswoman that has her ducks in order, Representative Zoe Lofgren of California. This week, she proposed a house resolution that would reinforce the legal [and moral] rights of people who legally own copyrighted works. Under her bill, we will again be able to legally reproduce and backup our [legally owned] music and video to whatever digital medium we please, be it mp3, DVD-R, etc. Reading the bill almost brings a tear to my eye:

    ...(c)(1) Notwithstanding any other provision in this title, a person who lawfully obtains a copy or phonorecord of a work, or who lawfully receives a transmission of a work, may circumvent a technological measure that effectively controls access or protects a right of a copyright holder under this title if–

      (A) such act is necessary to make a non-infringing use under this title; and
      (B) the copyright owner fails to make publicly available the necessary means to perform such non-infringing use without additional cost or burden to such person...

This bill goes head-to-head against major portions of the DMCA. Write your Representative today!!

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